30 Public Murals

37 Sculptures

14 Galleries & Museums

1 Art Garage

The Davis Mural Team

Our objective is to bring murals into communities around the country. We teach communities to make personal high quality murals.  All of this is made possible by a team of some of the best painters and muralists in areas from abstract to photo-realism. Interact, explore, and share art in the outdoor environment. We are placing transmedia art in urban settings in Davis, California.  Local artist have formed a mural team that works together to create a community of painters that are creating over 14 new murals and 16 new sculptures in downtown Davis. By collaborating with Dr. Monto Kumagai of XtremeSignPost we have made 10 interactive murals and, thus far, each piece has several RFID tags embedded in the artwork . They are highly resistant to rain, snow, and tropical sunlight. Each tag can be updated on the fly using RFID enabled cell phones. On the sculptures and Murals, we have written links to video files of the artists’ talking about creating these works. The artwork contain an interactive surface that serves as a blank canvas where artists, participants, and visitors can leave messages and stories. Davis Mural Team consist’s of Bill Maul, Guy Diehl, Kerry Rowland-Avrech, Myron Stephens, Joe Bellacera, Jennifer Pochinski, Victoria Smith, Ted Fontaine, John Natsoulas, Kelly Detweiler, and visiting Artist in Residence Alex Reisfar.


Davis has been home to some of he nations’ most distinguished artists including Manuel Neri, Roy De Forest, Wayne Thiebaud, and Robert Arneson.

As early as the 1950s, Davis was a hub for the California art scene. Continuing this legacy is the world-class Mondavi Performing Arts Center, the Davis Mural Team, and top-notch art venues such as the Richard Nelson Gallery, Pence Gallery, and John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, along with the Artery, one of the most enduring of artist cooperatives. Neighboring UC Davis also has one of the biggest art programs in the county.

The Davis Transmedia Art Walk is the first of its kind in the country. Following in the pioneering spirit of the Davis artists of the 1960s, Davis today has the participation of the community and the university to create one of the largest public art collections per square mile of any city in the county.

The art on the map designated with an asterisk are the “transmedia pieces, each one embedded with RFID computer chip with interactive features. With a free cellphone app, which you can readily download, you can scan the chip to discover a wealth of information about the art on view, including interviews with the artists and discussions of the meaning and relevance of each piece. You can even leave your own comments on the chip to complete the circle of discovery.

Savoring art can be rich, rewarding, and transforming! Take your time and enjoy yourself!