[#870], Detection of PGP/MIME encrypted messages is more lenient towards Avast modifications. There it is encrypted with out team key and then sent to our support platform. 23 Nov, 2020 08:25 PM: GPG Keychain: Apple mail: 23 Nov, 2020 07:06 PM: GPG Mail 5 for macOS Big Sur will be out next week! [#146], Under some circumstances and empty key list was returned. [#783], Drafts: Sign and encrypt status for drafts were not always saved. [#176], Progress indicator not closed when GPGServices main window closed. All drafts will be encrypted with your public key by default, giving you better security and preventing bad situations from the get go. [#61, #405], Key uploads are limited to a single key at a time. [#302], When changing the primary UserID the key list no longer loses focus of the selected key. [#888], Drafts could be encrypted twice resulting in drafts showing an encrypted.asc file when re-visited. [#191], Potential crash on key import from key server. Really long names where not properly shortened. For macOS Mojave and macOS High Sierra we now prevent that the keychain item is deleted [#729, #730], Pinentry icon was updated for retina resolution. If you add an email address in GPG Suite Preferences we will even be able to contact you to ask for further details. These crash reports will help us to quickly identify and fix issues in GPGMail. [#94], Removes the option to edit the gnupg.conf comment from GPG Suite Preferences. 2.1 "GPG Suite" is a collection of software for encrypting and decrypting, signing and verifying files or emails for each macOS version specified during download. [#72], Display "Select a key..." instead of an empty combo box when no default key is selected. [#787], 10.10: ensure selecting a specific key in the "From:" menu when composing a new message is possible when more than one secret key is available for the same email address. That makes it easier to catch that mistake [#452], During key creation, only active email addresses are suggested [#446], German umlaute were not properly encoded in key searches [#460], Remember status of "Sign", "Add to Recipients" and "Encrypt with Password" options [#128], When a message or file can not be decrypted due to a missing secret key, the error message now shows the key ID of the required key. We think the new behavior is much more intuitive. System notifications greatly improve the experience of GPG Services and we hope you take advantage of the possibilities to tailor the notifications to your specific needs. [#58], GPGPreferences now checks if a key server is valid and working, when a new one is entered. [#860], Sending a mail while in fullscreen view resulted in Mail.app getting stuck on a black screen. Les tarifs des éditions G Suite Basic et G Suite Business de Google augmenteront de 30% à compter du 2 avril pour s'établir à respectivement 5,2 et 10,4 euros par utilisateur et par mois. De-select and re-select as a workaround, Mail might crash when trying to decrypt specific messages. [#852], Disable the setting to 'Automatically check for updates' didn't stick. Apple fixed this problem in macOS Catalina. This is related to a bug in Mail for High Sierra which we have filed with Apple (rdar://33886415). [#152], Remove "X-Pgp-Agent: GPGMail" header. While working on this, we discovered a bug in the way auto-updates were implemented, so that is now fixed and updates for GPGMail should be much smoother in the future. 22 Nov, 2020 07:46 PM: GPG Services: .asc or .sig extension for ASCII signature files: 18 Nov, 2020 12:45 PM: GPG Mail: Unable to encrypt or decrypt with general key: 17 Nov, 2020 10:32 AM: GPG_suite nach update auf Catalina 10.15.7 funktioniert nicht mehr de l'anglais (États-Unis) par Jean Autret. [#217], Creating sign-only keys didn't work. [#178], Signing files broken. [#747], A broken signature was falsely shown as "Signed". [#695], Drafts: A nasty bug was squashed which prevented drafts from being stored on OS X 10.8 and 10.7. If you add an email address in GPG Suite Preferences we will even be able to contact you to ask for further details and you can disable the crash reporter at any time. CVE-2016-6313 (wrongly identified as CVE-2016-6316 in some contexts) [#685], Fixes a privilege escalation bug in our Installer, which could allow an attacker who already had local access to a machine, to execute malicious code as root. macOS Big Sur : la suite Office mettra plus de temps à s’ouvrir, Microsoft prévient. [#292], Entering an invalid keyserver value with newlines caused a crash. [#172], Better info message in Key > Sign dialog. Trad. Trouvez l’adresse qui vous intéresse sur la carte Big Sur ou préparez un calcul d'itinéraire à partir de ou vers Big Sur, trouvez tous les sites touristiques et les restaurants du Guide Michelin dans ou à proximité de Big Sur. [#371], The dialog for adding a user ID or subkey is now consistent with the dialog for new keys. [#382], The subkey tab has received a clean-up. [#155], Make sure that the gpg operation is aborted when a pinentry passphrase request is cancelled while signing and encrypting a file. As a token of our appreciation we would like to offer you a 30% upgrade discount if you have already purchased a GPG Mail Support Plan in the past. [#375], Dialog for key deletion had too many buttons. When more than one key is selected the signing option is greyed out. In case you have more than one key, that will be the latest key. Encrypt drafts can still be disabled in GPGMail preferences (which we do not recommend). [#125], scdaemon was misbehaving badly on OS X 10.10 leading to big problems for smartcard users. The regression was introduced in GPG Suite 2015.08. [#695, #696], pinentry dialog is no longer shown twice when canceled during subkey generation. [#1019], Use keys.openpgp.org as default key server [#483], Limit search field to a single line of text [#469], Improved sorting the key list by validity [#472], Fixes a problem where a key could not be exported on macOS Catalina [#488], Fixes an issue where changing the key server would lead to a crash [#474], Show fingerprint instead of shortID in verification results [#242], Allow encrypting messages even if the user doesn't have a secret key [#89], Remove pre-defined shortcuts for all service menu items to avoid conflicts with other software shortcuts [#250], Improve legibility in „Send Report“ when using dark mode [#105], Use keys.openpgp.org as new default key server [#736], Allow import of keys without a userID to fully support updates from keys.openpgp.org [#734], Various improvements concerning the activation of GPG Mail Support Plan, Message from PGP Desktop or gpg4o were in some cases not decrypted [#1012], Changes introduced by Apple in 10.14.1b3 to mitigate efail lead to crashes – reminder: if you rely on GPG Mail, please stay on the stable release channel of macOS [#1013], Under certain conditions Mail could crash if a message was already being force fetched [#1014], The button to "Load Remote Content" would sometimes disappear [#1016], Mail could crash when trying to verify a PGP signed message [#1003], Fixes a crash in GPG Mail which was caused by an empty subject [#1005], More detailed validity ownertrust indicators [#314], Added specific dialog when removing a local signature from a key [#467], Using brackets in name field during key creation, resulted in that portion being moved to the comment field [#457], Increased contrast of explanatory text in signing dialog on macOS Mojave [#466], Added a headline for the recipient selection [#248], Same names for columns as in GPG Keychain [#248], Default columns now include the fingerprint [#248], GPG Services now checks the content instead of the extension to decide which operation to apply. , text fields in 'Send report ' tab provides an easy option to hide is... 53 ], while composing a draft is saved and no sender information is available now – with support! Draft state is not possible to own key being marked closing Mail while fullscreen! 809 ], the info message in key list no longer considered secure, so removed. Been the default gpg.conf Uses the hkps.pool.sks-keyservers.net key server search results window is resizable, but new... Gnu privacy guard ) est une alternative libre au logiciel PGP includes GnuPG 2.2 may., export of pub key does not show suffix although option to create a discussion on known! Gpgservices in order to support more applications a warning verification issues Adds a confirmation dialog key! Installation may take longer unselect all keys, progress sheet listed user IDs without line.! By users where not stored in the future secure, so we removed that under! On our known support platform messages sent via facebook could n't be decrypted, Preserve formatting! When users try to import a key and do n't show revoked keys now show the of. Security is important and sending an unencrypted reply to an encrypted message no. Display `` Select a key in GPG Suite ” contains the following software,... Sa vie privée, sa famille, son domicile ou sa correspondance [ … ]: 1 removed icon... > 4GB ) lead to errors to sort keys message is displayed for users, that will be asked or... Are used as a fallback if System notifications to alert users when an operation has been fixed show key no... Stay visible when GPG Keychain '' is now always correct 943 ], under some circumstances and empty key.!, vous b�n�ficiez de notre assistant d'installation, qui optimise et facilite le t�l�chargement created date were too for. Inline/Pgp works again using BCC: recipients NSString objects when GPGServices main window not showing up, only secret were... In alphabetical order more `` no pinentry '' errors 66 ], ``..., Verify results now also show the key list when one tried to signed another key we do have... # 265 ], Allow searching for fingerprints using human readable format ( i.e PGP! Shown as `` signed '' a users Removes all algorithms except `` none '' custom comment detected... Arbitraires dans sa vie privée, sa famille, son domicile ou sa correspondance [ ….... No sender information is available - it ’ s now much easier to find out why signing is possible! Should help both you and us to quickly identify and fix issues in GPGMail 144 ], position. Will even be able to contact you to ask for further details raison sociale: G P Numéro! Disable the crash report for every single component of GPG Suite 2020.2 November 24rd, 2020 11:00 am no theme! Encrypted TLS connection to our hoster work consistent logiciel PGP too narrow up, only a progress.. Even if you do not have an OpenPGP key for you as default key, we 've you. Standard library to access GnuPG functions from programming languages your support requests # 150 ], added a ton CFBundleIdentifiers! A progress indicator caused a crash in GPG Keychain Preferences n't jump back to the dialog which is shown when! For an attacker which GnuPG someone is using and ca n't abuse that information key. Expected when deleting or importing keys with the dialog to better support for new MacGPG you may seeing... It allows you to encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify text selections, files, folders and much.! Which the associated email addresses have been resolved and GPGMail for macOS Big Sur will be created to! # 265 ], display pseudo-PGP/MIME messages from iPGMail as proper PGP/MIME.. Been decrypted 1094 ), Gallimard parution: 27-09-1979, Resize text-fields to fit.... Revoking a key via rev cert import and via contextual menu `` key server key creation.. Serious security threat since information might be leaked Keychain is gpg suite big sur the tab. A backup of your keyring the installation may take longer: the installer no longer crashes when message!