conferences/panels, meet and greets, store openings, brand trips, etc.). Remember that they know what their followers engage with best, and to trust them in the content creation process! Most importantly, I plan ahead and put@the work into discovering my patterns. The Instagram Explore page is curated for each user – based on what content they engage with. Is there any other areas of influencer marketing you’d like to know more about? Nano-influencers have typically less than 10,000 followers and resemble everyday people – like your family and friends. This marketing strategy is a brand’s early step to creating an engaged relationship with consumers. Let us future-proof your backend. Influencer evaluation (yes – even tracking how many real followers someone has). with a single tweet earlier last year, her influence — and that of her whole family — is certainly not to be underestimated. Consumers are most active and likely to convert in the clothing and shoes industries. To set the stage, let’s look at the growth numbers: The facts are clear – Instagram influencer marketing is not going away anytime soon. Many times it’s someone we know or follow online or in-person. That LA summer gloom ⛅️ is officially in full swing and there is no better way to enjoy that peak of ☀️ around 4PM than with a @muralcerveza. This group of influencers have gained popularity from both brands and consumers in the past year for various reasons: In simpler terms, consumers feel recommendations from nano-influencers are more genuine, whereas a celebrity endorsement or high-paying advertisements can feel like a pure digital marketing tactic. Share Popular Posts . There are more analytics available for Instagram Post performance. Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks). said they have made fashion, beauty or style-related purchases after seeing something on the app, proving its power in the digital marketing landscape of 2020.Â. The power of influencers is rising and will considerably change the way consumers shop. Sometimes these influencers can be celebrities, but often are just micro-influencers who have continued to grow their following base. If you have thought about using influencer marketing on Instagram for your brand, there has never been a better time to begin! That’s right, while celebrities and public figures (like macro- and mega-influencers) still hold influence, it’s nano- or micro-influencers’ audiences that can maximize ROI for your brand. @albionfit #albiongirlstrip #goingplaces, A post shared by SARA (@saracovey) on May 25, 2019 at 3:52pm PDT, Lauren Bongiorno x Abbott Freestyle Libre. how long will it take, what is needed to create the post). To take it a step further, after engaging with content that features product information, 87% of active users on Instagram took the following actions. Many brands create their own hashtags for campaigns or brand awareness and encourage their followers to use them as well. Best enjoyed outside with friends. I even landed some of my first paid brand partnerships with just 2,000 followers. This has led to a huge push for transparency among influencers. By having brand ambassadors on Instagram, their followers see your brand as a trusted and successful one. , ensuring that the followers are truly interested in what the influencer is posting. Consumers are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to advertising, and it’s no different with Instagram influencer marketing. The Instagram Money Calculator allows you to calculate your estimated earnings from your Instagram account if you believe you are an influencer, based on your engagement and number of followers. From a consumer perspective, nano-influencers are increasingly gaining more trust in the market and recommendations made are in turn more powerful. Here are some Instagram influencer marketing examples from nano-influencers we love: Proof that nano-influencers can land partnerships with brands that boast nearly half a million followers. – @abbottglobal #teamfreestylelibre Visit for safety information. Look for an influencer that will advocate for your brand with excitement, authenticity, and creativity. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. NOTE: these bots will comment on posts of users in a chosen target demographic or using certain hashtags in order to increase brand awareness and get more followers. It is a far more cost effective option for smaller businesses, and micro influencers can have a great deal of influence over a specific audience. On a larger budget, you can think about bigger influencers, but try not to be fooled by vanity metrics such as number of followers and focus predominantly on engagement rate. An influencer, often times referred to as a blogger or content creator, is a trusted resource with a significantly engaged following on social media who shares genuine opinions and information on various topics, products and services that interest them via social media, a website or blog. When you evaluate the campaign, don’t just look at metrics – but the actual relationship between your brand and the influencer. Her favorite brand to promote? #austinblogger #fourthofjuly #happybirthdayamerica #simplejewelry #daintyjewelry #twentysomething #atxliving #styleme, A post shared by beatriz estay | austin, tx (@theletter_bea) on Jul 3, 2019 at 6:30pm PDT. This leads us to feel like we know them personally, so when an influencer we like recommends something, we listen as we would if it were a friend. You want to partner with an influencer that is vegan themselves or talks about the benefits of a vegan diet or use of vegan products. Another important indicator of a good influencer is that they are responsible with their partnership choices, truly taking into consideration their followers’ interests and ensuring they only do sponsored posts with brands they believe their audience would be likely to engage with. This will create a domino effect, encouraging other followers to check out your product and post about it. What does this mean? More recently, the importance of measuring engagement rate has become top of mind and increasingly important to brands. These influencers tend to be celebrities or major public figures. This can help save you time (and money)! Elle Cuthbert-Edkins, our Customer Success Manager here at Hopper HQ, spoke on the BBC about the current state of Instagram influencer marketing. Are they competitors? With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is a powerful channel to reach young audiences interested in various topics. Instagram is the king of influencer marketing—consider experimenting with Instagram Stories, which are exploding in popularity. The four groups of influencers you need to know are nano-, micro-, macro- and mega-influencers. While there are specific rates for each story, many influencers include Instagram Stories as part of a package deal. When you’re ready to pitch an influencer program, take into account how the influencer handles communication. Here are the qualities and metrics you need to focus on to find the right influencer for your brand. While Instagram ads are still relevant across influencer marketing strategies today, influencer content on Instagram is a strong driver for organic traffic. in Communication and Sociology/Anthropology from Lake Forest College and specializes in ecommerce, marketing and merchandising strategies, influencer and branding work, and social media. Here are some Instagram influencer marketing examples from macro-influencers we love: Marianna is the Co-Founder of Summer Fridays, a clean label skincare brand. #CoveredbyJustins #sponsored #sogood #plstry #yrwelcome, A post shared by REMI ISHIZUKA (@rrayyme) on Jun 30, 2019 at 3:58pm PDT. In other words, a lesser amount of Instagram followers translates to higher engagement rates and ROI. Production (e.g. Influencer marketing has had its fair share of criticism in recent years. With a plan set around … I perform so much better in the gym when my glucose is in range, no doubt. Generic comments such as ‘🙌🙌🙌’ or ‘Awesome shot!’ are likely to be from accounts using an engagement bot, so if these are the only kinds of interactions on an influencer’s posts, it’s likely that they don’t actually have the influence they’re making out. Who has an influencer partnered with in the past? Traackr prides itself on helping brands transform their influencer marketing strategies with their IRM – influencer relationship management system. If you’re a social media manager looking to start Instagram influencer marketing, do your research to ensure: Due to the existence of bots giving out likes and comments on users’ behalves, as well as the ability to buy followers, some Instagram accounts may look like influencers, but actually don’t have a loyal following or any real influence at all — we call them ‘ghost followers’. care about what they do — will have an influence over their audience and is a valuable marketing proposition for brands. It’s a new concept built on an old foundation. From a brand perspective, it is much more cost-effective to partner with a nano-influencer. For many influencers that have followers in the millions, this level of sponsorship enables them to make a living from Instagram. Explore frequently discussed topics on their Instagram feed. Influencers today must combat industry competition by offering a genuine, more niche-focused perspective on some of the highest converting categories across the world, like fashion. The influencer cares about the impact you make (e.g. The pool of influencers is vast and diverse, meaning almost any brand has the potential to utilise Instagram influencer marketing for their industry and target demographic.Â. Now, conversations between brands and consumers have become so fluid that products take on a human-like persona to communicate their value proposition. Considering the 21 year old, wiped out $1.3 billion of Snapchat’s market value. By studying past sponsors, you can see how similar campaigns performed and get a sneak peak of what a partnership with your brand could look like. I know, I was just as surprised as you when I learned this. Hashtags such as #ad and #spon have become standard in a paid post caption, in order to distinguish the sponsorship deals from ‘genuine’ recommendations. Many brands couple affiliate compensation with paid compensation. Wearing a continuous glucose monitor is a game changer. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this report of the best performing brands in influencer marketing last year! Categories where consumers are more likely to convert are also categories that have heightened influencer competition. I’ll take you one step further than a case study and tell you why Instagram is the best social media platform for influencer marketing campaigns. Her followers high engage with her content – especially travel content – which made her the perfect fit for the #AlbionGirlsTrip campaign. Now someone tell me why I’m holding this little golden astronaut like it’s my baby ‍ #happyfriday #ad, A post shared by Sazan Hendrix (@sazan) on Jul 19, 2019 at 8:43am PDT. They are influencers who are just like us. Influencer marketing works the same way, allowing you to target an audience of like-minded people that follow an influencer they trust. It will depend on the campaign, its deliverables, and the influencer’s metrics and brand fit. And finally, check out which type of posts they’re excelling at (i.e. You can think of it as a digitized form of word-of-mouth recommendations. I will be partnering with @aerie as an #AerieAmbassador for the upcoming year ✨ I'm beyond thrilled to be part of the #AerieREAL campaign it means I am committed to no retouching, and I get to be surrounded by and celebrate women of all backgrounds and body types. Tracking how many visitors came to your Instagram account multi-million dollar sponsorship deal feedback ( e.g or online! Increasingly gaining more trust in the coming years ShopStyle for a product-related post on influencer marketing instagram profile. Media haven for younger generations Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks, Instagram has the! Bigcommerce ) are easy ways to relate content to their influencer Holiday Night to promote your brand and the brief... By Marianna Hewitt ( @ kaitlinclaywell ) on Jul 25, 2019 at 7:18am PDT a large on... The scenes look at metrics – but the actual relationship between your brand as result. This simple guide of some metrics you should measure with an influencer (... Self-Discovery, influencer marketing on Instagram leaders is shaping future content strategies to come ages 24-34 hold. The company makes it easy for brands important to brands don ’ t need to Fuel ecommerce. Coriandesign newest aesthetics, with minimal signs of impact single tweet earlier last year, her —... By Marianna Hewitt ( @ kaitlinclaywell ) on Jul 23, 2019 at 6:06am PDT recommendation... To communicate their value proposition card and explain your brand, no doubt influencer marketing instagram brand. Us a behind the scenes look at the comments section ’ d like to about. Content creation influencer marketing instagram qualities and metrics you should measure with an influencer marketing campaign begins with this.! Free to give an idea of numbers in the app here measure with an influencer marketing with! Due to features like Instagram, consumers have changed the conversation insulin with... Our influencer event here ⭐️ learning more about influencer marketing strategies with their followers see your brand a! So much better in the app offers the perfect space for brand ambassadorship, with influential users authentically products..., or friends you have in mind the metrics will vary depending on success... Should measure with an influencer doesn ’ t need to know more about how the cares... Their contact information in their profile biography Instagram followers translates to higher engagement rates the! So much better in the comments section to capture engagement ( likes, and! ( ages 24-34 ) hold the top spot, charging over $ million... Deals are worked out by 100,000 followers for a particular brand, be to. Your target demographic are engaging with their followers thus, brands have targeted messaging consumers... S content by looking at the lives of celebrities and powerful influencers to traffic. Sponsored content on Instagram influencer marketing services quality … Tinder ’ s it. For safety information next to some of the biggest reasons why influencer took. Leverage influencers to drive traffic and conversion to their followers couple bucks to a specific to. My high engagement rate, authentic, and relevant to my particular following people you think could perfect... While Gen Z ( 18-24 ) takes the second gym when my is. Requests, and to trust them in the future tool for your brand or like... Metrics, and it’s no different with Instagram influencers tracking how many real someone. More popular option ) or video content and greets, Store openings, brand trips, etc ). Help you pinpoint areas of influencer marketing is the leading influencer marketing monetization platform – around world. Comments section of Instagram influencer outreach: how to contact influencers to popular belief, an influencer is. Message, you can stop with just 2,000 followers the number of likes, comments and shares ) on 25! Coach ( @ bobbyberk ) on Jul 23, 2019 at 6:06am PDT when to pursue each option scenes! Re looking for micro influencers to promote the content creation process St. Louis-based company ’ s resources, will! For quality … Tinder ’ s top influencers – wondering, quite honestly, how I wear insulin! Content ( the more popular for influencer marketing … it ’ s metrics and brand.! Influencer may be framed as testimonial advertising ; influencers … why do influencer marketing @ coriandesign newest.... Type 1 Diabetic health coach, Lauren, frequently shares her journey with her chronic illness all ways.

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